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SLAM has a report on WWE's charity art show / fashion show / silent auction last night in Miami, FL with Timbaland serving as MC. AJ Lee defeated Mark Henry to win the annual THQ Wrestlemania video game challenge tournament. The Miami Herald has an article on the arrival of 30,000 fans to the area for Wrestlemania. CBS Miami has an article on Wrestlemania activities. Deadspin has an article on betting on Wrestlemania and the odds on various matches.

There are rumors that Batista and Brock Lesnar are in Miami, FL, possibly for Wrestlemania. WWE may be planning to announce a major Wrestlemania 29 match at Monday's RAW. The Palm Beach Post has an article on Rock's signing with the University of Miami Hurricanes in 1989 and the part it played in him returning for Wrestlemania this year. Brian Fritz posted an interview with the Rock about Cena's view of him and why he wanted a match with him for years.

The Associated Press ran a story on John Cena covering the build up to Wrestlemania, advice for victims of bullying, social media and more. MTV spoke to John Cena about his view of the Rock's promos and their match at Wrestlemania. Busted Open interviewed John Cena about the Rock, mixed crowd reactions, Super Cena and more. Chad Dukes interviewed John Cena about the reality of his feud with the Rock, Dwayne Johnson vs. the Rock, pointing out the Rock's written notes and more. Brian Fritz posted an interview with John Cena about building up his Wrestlemania match against the Rock over the past year. Wrestling Inc. spoke to Machine Gun Kelly about wrestling and hip-hop, John Cena, Wrestlemania and more.

Wrestling Voice Radio interviewed Mick Foley about his favorite Wrestlemania moments, getting a Wrestlemania moment, Rock vs. Cena and more. The UK's Sun interviewed Bret Hart about his predictions for the top matches at Wrestlemania including the possibility of a John Cena heel turn. Wild Talk Radio interviewed DDP about why he thinks the Rock doesn't need to win at Wrestlemania. Wrestling Inc. spoke to Honky Tonk Man about the importance of Rock's return to WWE, his return with Santino Marella, changes in WWE and more. SLAM spoke to a number of wrestlers about their pick in Rock vs. John Cena.

Busted Open interviewed Daniel Bryan about his move up the card from Wrestlemania 27 to 28, career validation, fitting into WWE and more. Brian Fritz interviewed Daniel Bryan about the past year, Yes Yes Yes, Sheamus and more. Connecticut's The Resident has an article Sheamus' visit to Tyl Middle School in Montville, CT to deliver an anti-bullying message. Brian Fritz interviewed Sheamus about his match with Daniel Bryan.

Fuse interviewed CM Punk about punk vs. non-punk bands. WWE posted a video tour of CM Punk's bus. Brian Fritz interviewed Chris Jericho about pitching his match with CM Punk to Vince McMahon and critics of his return. The Miami Herald interviewed Zack Ryder about building his character, taking his career into his own hands, social networking and more. The latest episode of Zack Ryder's YouTube series takes a look at his past Wrestlemania appearances.

The Los Angeles Times interviewed Triple H about transition from wrestler to management, the Hall of Fame, Ultimate Warrior and more. WWE posted a video of Triple H's training for his match against Undertaker at Wrestlemania. The Los Angeles Times interviewed Cody Rhodes about his favorite Wrestlemania moment, his dream opponent, the Hall of Fame and more. Busted Open spoke to Shawn Michaels about what to expect in the Undertaker vs. Triple H match.

Edge appeared at AXXESS last night with a new haircut. Chad Dukes interviewed Edge, Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard about the WWE Hall of Fame and their inductions. Brian Fritz posted interview footage with Edge about the Hall of Fame and being outside of the business. Ric Flair reportedly arrived in Miami, FL tonight and checked into his hotel.

Justin Gabriel and Tyson Kidd formed a new tag team with the goal of winning the titles in a new Wrestlemania pre-PPV match against the Usos and Epico/Primo. WWE developmental wrestlers Seth "Tyler Black" Rollins and Dean "Jon Moxley" Ambrose wrestled a match at last night's AXXESS. WWE reportedly pulled Alberto Del Rio from the Wrestlemania 12-man match to save his return for something bigger.

Rey Mysterio Jr. was spotted with the Miami Heat's LeBron James and Dwayne Wade on Thursday night in Miami, FL. Mike Tyson practiced some dancing at AXXESS tonight. Terry Funk won't be appearing at WWE AXXESS due to his recent knee replacement surgery. Torrie Wilson, Lita and Maryse have been involved with various Wrestlemania weekend events.

Connecticut federal district court judge Stefan Underhill dismissed most of Martha Hart's claims against WWE and all of her claims against Vince and Linda McMahon relating to Owen Hart related intellectual property and publicity rights, but allowed claims regarding unpaid royalties and some personal photos to move forward. Variety interviewed WWE's chief marketing officer Michelle Wilson about WWE's YouTube presence and the difference between programming for it and the planned WWE Network. WWE announced Hornswoggle will make his film debut as the star of Leprechaun: Origins. Terry Taylor reportedly visited Florida Championship Wrestling recently and may have a role in WWE's possible developmental program expansion.

Last night's Impact scored a 1.1 rating. TNA posted their Impact post-show featuring appearances by Ken Anderson and Matt Morgan. James Storm and Jeff Hardy will attend the Academy of Country Music Awards and the ACM Experience in Las Vegas, NV. Pittsburgh, PA's WTAE interviewed Kurt Angle about his hamstring injury yesterday and how it may interfere with his Olympic plans.

Ring of Honor held night one of their Showdown in the Sun in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Dragon Gate USA held their Open the Ultimate Gate 2012 show tonight in Miami Beach, FL. Dragon Gate USA was forced to make changes to tonight's show due to a neck injury suffered by CIMA and a knee injury by Uhaa Nation.

WrestleReunion kicked off tonight in Miami, FL. Kevin Steen cut a video promo on Eddie Kingston. Masked Republic will distribute AAA's hour long HD program AAA Lucha Libre internationally.

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