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The RAW crew was in San Juan, Puerto Rico yesterday with CM Punk over Dolph Ziggler. The RAW crew was in Charlotte, NC today, and tomorrow RAW is live from Atlanta, GA. The Smackdown crew was in Bowling Green, KY yesterday with Daniel Bryan over Big Show and Randy Orton. The Smackdown crew was in Nashville, TN today.

The Miami Herald has an article on the importance and meaning of Wrestlemaia with comments from Triple H, Mick Foley, Adam Pearce and others. Mike Mooneyham interviewed Arn Anderson about his Hall of Fame induction, the Four Horsemen, Ole Anderson and more. Inked Magazine interviewed CM Punk about using his celebrity, his wrestling vs. real life persona, being straight edge and more. Miz is planning to make a statement on RAW. Mick Foley and Miz were feuding on Twitter leading to speculation they'll be involved in a match against each other at Wrestlemania.

Elimination Chamber drew an estimated 180,000 PPV buys last month. WWE's Rock DVDs seem to be selling well in comparison to other recent releases. WWE's latest Are You Serious? features the Road Warriors, JT Smith, WrestleRock and more.

John Cena announced he passed his drug test. Charlotte, NC's the Drive radio show interviewed John Cena about the city's wrestling history, his view of the Rock, Wrestlemania and more. John Cena will be posting training videos this week as prepares for Wrestlemania. Sean Waltman offered his thoughts on why some wrestlers might not care for the Rock as well as including reality in feuds.

TNA was in Indiana, PA yesterday with James Storm over Bully Ray and Kurt Angle. TNA was in Erie, PA today.

NWA Wrestling Legends fanfest posted video of Joe Blanchard's 2010 Hall of Heroes induction by Dory Funk Jr. Professional tennis player John Isner thinks he could've had a career in wrestling due to his size and potential bad-boy persona.

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