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There are NXT, Superstars and Smackdown spoilers from last night's taping in Newark, NJ. WWE may be planning a developmental facility near Stamford, CT for wrestlers preparing for their TV debuts. WWE Studios will be screening their acquired film The Day next month at the Sarasota Film Festival. Fairfield, CT's Sacred Heart University is naming its new student commons building in honor of Linda McMahon who has served on their board of trustees since 2004 and donated $5 million to the university. The latest episode of Beat the Street with Jim Cramer discusses WWE's stock.

Lillian Garcia will perform America the Beautiful at Wrestlemania. WWE officially announced Yokozuna's Hall of Fame induction. WWE announced a Wrestlemania Premiere Party on March 29 celebrating Miami art and fashion. There's a full schedule of Once In A Lifetime - The Rock vs. John Cena airings next week. The Rock's reportedly been training with Curt Hawkins in preparation for Wrestlemania.

John Cena had fun at Lillian Garcia's expense at last night's Smackdown after she mistakenly introduced Zack Ryder as the Long Island Iced Z Jack Swagger. John Cena appeared on ABC's The Chew today cooking with Michael Symon and discussing his Wrestlemania match against the Rock. John Cena appeared on Headline News' Showbiz Tonight with a mock challenge to the cast of Jersey Shore for Wrestlemania 29. Boston, MA's WBZ spoke to John Cena about his shift from being a Red Sox fan to a Tampa Rays fan and local fan reaction to it. MTV spoke to John Cena about hip hop.

Chris Jericho is scheduled for tonight's Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Chris Jericho appeared on Good Day New York this morning to promote Wrestlemania. The Daily World interviewed Daniel Bryan about winning the World Heavyweight Championship, defending the title at Wrestlemania, independent wrestling and more. WWE posted the latest episode of WWE Inbox with wrestlers making Wrestlemania predictions.

There are Impact spoilers from last night's taping in Orlando, FL. Kurt Angle went on a long Twitter rant last night taking jabs at other wrestlers and fans before deleting most of his comments and apologizing today. Kurt Angle also posted some Impact spoilers on Twitter to promote the show. TNA posted the latest Spin Cycle with Gail Kim, So Cal Val, Robbie E and Robbie T.

Wrestling Voice Radio interviewed Roddy Piper about his role at Wrestlemania and why he thinks WWE is avoiding Rock and John Cena in Piper's Pit. Sean Waltman made picks for wrestlers in FCW he thinks will make it big including Chris Hero, Claudio Castignoli and Ricky Steamboat Jr. Viscera reportedly had to cancel a Wrestlemania weekend booking leading to speculation he may be at Wrestlemania.

Sandman has been added to April's Extreme Reunion event in Philadelphia, PA. Extreme Reunion posted a few comments by Shane Douglas made as he exited RAW. Ring of Honor announced a list of talent for their May 12 Border Wars show in Toronto, ON. USA Today published a photo gallery of Mike Tyson's career including his work with WWE.

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