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Quick RAW Results: CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan was a no contest, Kelly Kelly over Nikki Bella, John Cena over Miz, Primo/Epico over Jack Swagger/Dolph Ziggler and Kofi Kingston/R-Truth, Sheamus/Big Show over Cody Rhodes/Mark Henry,

Friday's Smackdown replay scored a 1.5 rating. The RAW crew was in Eugene, OR last night with CM Punk over Kane and Dolph Ziggler, as well as an appearance by the Oregon Ducks mascot. There are Superstars spoilers and off air notes from RAW tonight in Portland, OR. UFC fighter Chael Sonnen attended tonight's RAW. Smackdown and NXT will be taped in Seattle, WA tomorrow night.

The Rock arrived in Portland, OR last night ahead of tonight's RAW. John Cena was forced to leave Daytona for RAW in Portland, OR after the race was delayed until 7pm, but offered to return if it was delayed again until Tuesday. Triple H and Undertaker's exchange on RAW last week was included in Jimmy Kimmel Live's latest Unnecessary Censorship segment. Ted DiBiase Jr.'s latest blog entry discusses the WWE tour of Central America, tag-team wrestling, sunburn and more.

TNA was in Charlottesville, VA last night with Jeff Hardy/James Storm over Bobby Roode/Bully Ray. TNA is attempting to turn Austin Aries' recent anti-Sting tweet into an angle for this week's Impact tapings. TNA released the Lockdown 2008 match between Samoa Joe and Kurt Angle on YouTube to promote this year's Lockdown.

Kurt Angle revealed he brought back his old look by shaving. TNA wrestler and former Big Brother contestant Jesse Godderz posed shirtless for TMZ at LaGuardia airport in New York. Robbie E.'s fiance appeared on TLC's Say Yes to the Dress with brief mentions of TNA.

Ring of Honor will hold their next TV taping on Saturday in Baltimore, MD. Ring of Honor will hold their tenth anniversary show on Sunday in New York City, NY. Brian Kendrick was reportedly released from TNA.

Alex Marvez interviewed Billy Corgan about Resistance Pro Wrestling, reality in wrestling, wrestler health and more. The Void interviewed Colt Cabana about being a comedy wrestler, the Colt Cabana character, his deal with Jamie Kennedy and more. Scott Hall posted a video of his son Cody Hall who is training to become a wrestler. Tommy Dreamer's latest column for the Kingston Whig-Standard discusses travel, a trip to Mexico City, fearing for his life and more.

IGN interviewed Trish Stratus about Bounty Hunters, wrestling vs. acting, Steve Austin and more. 24 Hours Vancouver interviewed Trish Stratus about her new film Bounty Hunters, yoga, her fans and more. The Baltimore Sun published vide of Stacy Keibler on the Oscars red carpet with George Clooney last night. Francine gave birth to her second child and first son Connor Joseph this afternoon.

Blue Meanie, CW Anderson, Balls Mahoney and PG-13 have been added to April's Extreme Reunion event. Dennis Rodman's been added to WrestleReunion's Wrestlemania weekend event in Miami, FL. Former Indiana independent wrestler John Levi Miller is suing one-time opponent Clinton "Guido Andretti" Woosley, promotion Coliseum Championship Wrestling and promotion owner Sam Cosby after his right testicle was allegedly ruptured during a match last June. The pilot episode of the Warrior Show is available on YouTube.

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