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The RAW crew was in Los Angeles, CA yesterday with CM Punk over Dolph Ziggler. The RAW crew was in Ontario, CA today, and tomorrow they're in Eugene, OR. The Smackdown crew was in Panama City, Panama yesterday with Daniel Bryan over Big Show. The Smackdown crew was in Guatemala City, Guatemala today. WWE may do another champion vs. champion match on RAW.

John Cena was bumped from a flight to Florida which he said might put his appearance at tomorrow's Daytona 500 in jeopardy, but he was shown during ESPN's pre-race coverage so he seems to have made it. The Rock's film Journey 2 ranked #5 for Friday with a gross of $3 million. WWE posted the fourth episode of Santino Marella's Foreign Exchange with footage from the last UK tour.

Mick Foley performed his comedy show in London, England last night with a question and answer session at the end. Sky Sports interviewed Mick Foley about his UK comedy tour and his possible involvement in Wrestlemania. Aftermath interviewed Trish Stratus about today's Divas, Wrestlemania, Bounty Hunters and more. Jim Ross' latest BBQ blog entry answers questions on Bobby Heenan, Wrestlemania, rivalries and more.

TNA was in Upper Marlboro, MD yesterday with Jeff Hardy/James Storm over Bobby Roode/Bully Ray. TNA was in Hagerstown, MD today, and tomorrow they're in Charlottesville, VA. Colors Network posted the ninth episode of Ring Ka King.

Family Wrestling Entertainment held their No Limits show tonight in New York City, NY with Tommy Dreamer over Charlie Haas in the main event. Universal Championship Wrestling held a TV taping in Norcross, GA last night with Matt Hardy, Scott Steiner, Buff Bagwell and others. KHOU profiled NWA Houston and some of its performers.

Audio Ink Radio interviewed Billy Corgan about Resistance Pro Wrestling, his reasons for getting involved, reality TV ideas and more. Maria appears in a new Prodigy Service Announcement video for Ring of Honor. Brock Lesnar is scheduled to attend the Daytona 500 to promote UFC.

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