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Quick Impact Results: Samoa Joe/Brutus Magnus over Matt Morgan/Crimson, Zema Ion over Alex Shelley, Gail Kim over ODB, AJ Styles over Robbie E. via DQ, Jeff Hardy/James Storm over Kurt Angle/Bully Ray.

Tuesday's live Smackdown scored a 1.7 rating. The RAW crew is in Los Angeles, CA tomorrow night. The Smackdown crew was in Tegucigalpa, Honduras today, and tomorrow they're in Panama City, Panama.

WWE released their fourth quarter earnings report with revenue of $112.9 million, down from $122.5 million in the same quarter a year ago, and an operating loss of $13.1 million, down significantly from operating income of $14.4 million in the same quarter last year. WWE also released 2011 year end financial details showing revenue of $483.9 million, up from $477.7 million in 2010, but with income of $37 million, down from $82.3 million in 2011. WWE saw a slight increase in PPV buys, but only Survivor Series managed to outdraw its counterpart the year earlier. WWE held their earnings conference call this morning with Vince McMahon and George Barrios discussing WWE Network and WWE Studios plans, where Legends House and other WWE programming may air, Wrestlemania and more.

CM Punk appeared on Showbiz Tonight last night discussing his feud with Chris Brown. During last night's Oklahoma City Thunder vs. Boston Celtics NBA game, Jim Ross joined announcer Sean Grande and discussed John Cena's RAW promo, Wade Barrett's injury, Wrestlemania and more. Rey Mysterio Jr. will be appearing at two car shows tomorrow and Saturday in Louisville, KY and Detroit, MI. Steve Austin blogged about having his first love scene in his current movie project. Natalya Neidhart's latest blog entry discusses her own use of the Glam Slam during her first tour of Japan prior to even meeting Beth Phoenix.

WWE announced former American Idol contestant James Durbin will serve as a spokesperson for their BA STAR anti-bullying campaign. Variety reports that Brett Ratner may be interested in casting The Rock for MGM's Hercules film. Miz' recent cameo appearance in a film was for Will Farrell's The Campaign scheduled for release on August 10. Sean William Scott gave his support to The Rock in his Wrestlemania match against John Cena. Forbes interviewed Iron Sheik about staying connected, returning to WWE, retirement and more.

Jesse Sorensen returned to Twitter for the first time since his injury thanking fans for their support and prayers. TNA asked fans to tweet get well wishes to Jesse Sorensen on Impact. The One Wrestling Show interviewed Eric Bischoff about visiting Scotland, Dixie Carter vs. Vince McMahon, trying to buy WCW and more. TNA's Dixie Carter talked to the New York Giants' Brandon Jacobs about possibly continuing with TNA when his football career is over.

Pro Wrestling Guerrilla announced Roderick Strong and Sami Callihan as the first tag team for the DDT4 tag tournament in April. Sami Callihan released a new promo video on Sabu ahead of their match next month for Dragon Gate USA. ICW will hold Luchafest III in Miami, FL on March 30 with Stevie Richards and Gangrel on the card.

Jushin "Thunder" Liger has been added to April's WrestleReunion event in Toronto, ON, but Terry Funk has been forced to cancel his appearance. Diva Dirt interviewed Trish Stratus about her film project with Lita Poker Junkie interviewed Lou "Sign Guy Dudley" D'Angeli about his time in ECW, working for WWE, poker and more. Kaiju Big Battel had their Late Show with David Letterman appearance cancelled due to an appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel show about ten years ago.

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