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Quick Smackdown Results: Sheamus over Miz, Jack Swagger/Dolph Ziggler over Kofi Kingston/R-Truth, Great Khali over Drew McIntyre, Mark Henry over Big Show via CO, David Otunga over Ezekiel Jackson, CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan was a no contest.

Friday's Smackdown scored a 2.0 rating. There are NXT and Superstars spoilers from tonight's Smackdown in Rockford, IL. WWE posted the RAW Backstage Fallout with Kofi Kingston, R-Truth, David Otunga and Santino Marella. WWE tried to speak to Eve at RAW but she refused comment.

There are off air notes from RAW last night in Minneapolis, MN. The Undertaker and Triple H segment reportedly ran 8-9 minutes long causing cuts to the Divas match and moving John Cena's entrance off camera. Some WWE wrestlers apparently agree with John Cena's comments about the Rock and his involvement with WWE.

Wade Barrett suffered a partial dislocation of his left elbow last night that is expected to keep out of the ring for 6-8 weeks. Wade Barrett commented on his injury and how it might affect his Wrestlemania plans. Dolph Ziggler was okay following his announce table bump on RAW.

The Rock responded to John Cena on Twitter saying the truth comes out on Monday. Chris Jericho called last night's RAW Battle Royal a war zone. JBL congratulated Ron Simmons on the announcement of his WWE Hall of Fame induction.

CM Punk posted a video response to Chris Brown, with TMZ covering the feud. Chris Brown responded to CM Punk's video saying he misses real wrestlers and doesn't know who Punk is. Ted DiBiase Jr. announced a new DiBiase Posse Party website. Jim Ross' latest BBQ blog entry discusses RAW, Ron Simmons, Undertaker and more.

WWE's reportedly sold 57,000 of the 63,000 available Wrestlemania tickets. THQ released WWE WrestleFest for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, with plans to bring it to other platforms. WWE posted the latest episode of WWE Download with Dolph Ziggler.

TNA will hold a Gut Check in Dodge City, KS on March 3. Dixie Carter released a sneak peak of the Lockdown poster. AJ Styles will appear in Atlanta tomorrow to announce nominees for the 2012 Dove Awards. GQ's Stream blog has an article on Ring Ka King and wrestling in India.

Puerto Rico's WWC issued a correction that Rex King aka Timothy Well is not dead as they'd originally reported. Ring of Honor released a Summer of Punk DVD collection featuring matches from CM Punk in the summer of 2005 prior to his joining WWE. Davey Richards is off Pro Wrestling Guerilla's March 17 show due to commitments in Japan. WrestleReunion issued a press release on their Toronto, ON event from April 13-15 featuring Bruno Sammartino and Roddy Piper.

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