Smackdown, Rock, Foley, Lawler, Hogan, JBL Feb 10 - 11:59 pm EST

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Quick Smackdown Results: Great Khali over Jinder Mahal, Beth Phoenix over Alicia Fox, Sheamus/Big Show over Wade Barrett/Cody Rhodes, Ted DiBiase Jr. over Hunico, and Daniel Bryan over Randy Orton via DQ.

The RAW crew was in Abu Dhabi, UAE again today with John Cena over Kane. WWE and Syfy issued a press release on the live Smackdown scheduled for February 21. Shawn Michaels is being advertised for RAW on March 12 in Cleveland, OH. Mattel is working on a WWE themed Apptivity game for the iPad.

The Rock appeared on Live with Kelly Rippa this morning discussing his workout routine, Journey 2, his tattoos and more. Journey 2: The Mysterious Island is currently receiving mixed reviews with a Rotten Tomatoes aggregate score of 43%. The Rock attended tonight's New York Knicks vs. Los Angeles Lakers NBA game at Madison Square Garden with courtside seats. The UK's Daily Star interviewed Mick Foley about his comedy, his involvement with WWE, changes in wrestling and more.

Jerry Lawler is guest starring in the Dick Tracy comic strip as wrestler Jerry King. Fozzy will begin recording new album next week after preparations the past few months. Zack Ryder's latest YouTube episode features his visit to LucasFilm last month. Natalya Neidhart's first blog entry discusses the Kids Wrestling Association the Hart grandchildren formed.

Last night's Impact scored a 1.1 rating. TNA was in Norfolk, VA today. TNA posted a chronicle of Sting's experiences in England during the UK tour. Hulk Hogan is looking to shave his mustache for a couple million dollars via an endorsement deal. Wrestling Voice Radio interviewed Samoa Joe about Against All Odds, the Impact Zone, fan reaction and more.

Lucha Libre USA will begin running live events again next month in California. There are Ring of Honor notes on the 10th anniversary show, CHIKARA, Jim Cornette and more. Tajiri's Japanese promotion SMASH is closing down operations next month with speculation it might be related to WWE Network's potential cruiserweight show. UFC 141, featuring Brock Lesnar's final fight, will be released on April 3.

WrestleReunion will offer roundtrip transportation between their event and Wrestlemania in Miami, FL. There are more details on the Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame induction weekend in May. Michael McGillicutty commented on the ninth anniversary of the death of his father Curt Hennig.

Here Is Your Winner interviewed Jeremiah Riggs about his return to MMA, Tough Enough, his time in FCW and more. The Bermuda Sun interviewed JBL about his start in wrestling, creating the JBL character, his past characters and more. Warrior is also being falsely advertised for an appearance in Queensbury, NY in June. George Clooney, along with Stacy Keibler, played a joke on a TMZ photographer after dinner in Los Angeles, CA last night.

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