Impact, Bryan, Rock, Hogan, Samoa Joe, Piper, DDP Feb 09 - 11:59 pm EST

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Quick Impact Results: Christopher Daniels over AJ Styles, Alex Shelley over Doug Williams and Austin Aries, Velvet Sky over Mickie James, Sting/James Storm over Bully Ray/Bobby Roode.

The RAW crew was in Abu Dhabi, UAE today with CM Punk over Dolph Ziggler. John Cena gave Kane an Attitude Adjustment at a press conference in Dubai today to promote WWE's tour. The National Newspaper interviewed several WWE wrestlers at their press conference about what fans can expect from the show. WWE's Divas didn't take part in the Dubai tour due to restrictions on their behavior and appearance. The RAW crew continues in Abu Dhabi through Saturday.

Alberto Del Rio may appear on RAW after his scheduled return to Smackdown house shows this weekend. Daniel Bryan was again featured in The Soup's Clip of the Week for his RAW promo on Big Show. Jim Ross' latest BBQ blog entry discusses Nick Diaz, Rock vs. Cena, the Hall of Fame and more. USA Today neglected to mention John Cena in their list of celebrities involved with the Daytona 500. WWE will announce their fourth quarter and full year results on February 23 with a morning conference call hosted by Vince McMahon.

Reuters interviewed The Rock about making family films, Michael Caine, returning to wrestling and more. Mashable spoke to The Rock about his use of social media, reaching his fans, what he's cooking and more. The Rock appeared on CBS' This Morning show today discussing Journey 2, Wrestlemania, turning 40 and more. The Rock appeared on ESPN's SportsCenter today promoting Journey 2 and Wrestlemania. ESPN hosted a live video chat with The Rock discussing Wrestlemania, Mick Foley, the NFL and more. FOX 5 DC interviewed The Rock about Journey 2.

Hulk Hogan appeared on the Wendy Williams Show today discussing TNA, retirement, his personal life and more. Alex Marvez interviewed Samoa Joe about tag team wrestling, being a perfectionist, future goals and more. Guru interviewed Samoa Joe about his start in wrestling, his wrestling style, touring the UK and more. The latest TNA Spin Cycle episode includes a cameo by N'Sync's Joey Fatone.

Velvet Sky will face Melina at Northeast Wrestling's two-show tour on March 23 and 24 in Poughkeepsie, NY and Waterbury, CT. Pro Wrestling Guerrilla announced the lineup for their World's Finest show on March 17 in Reseda, CA. Crowbar Press released Nikita Koloff's autobiography NIKITA: A Tale of the Ring and Redemption, co-written by William Murdock.

SportsVibe interviewed Diamond Dallas Page about his yoga program, wrestlers it has helped, his relationship with WWE and more. The Miami Herald interviewed Roddy Piper about the first Wrestlemania, Cena vs. Rock, the Hall of Fame and more. Busted Open spoke to Matt Hardy about his future in wrestling, his use of social media, the stress of a full-time wrestling schedule and more.

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