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There are NXT, Superstars and Smackdown spoilers from tonight's taping in Tulsa, OK. Last night's RAW scored a 3.3 rating (3.3 / 3.2). There are off air notes from last night's RAW in Oklahoma City, OK. R-Truth was okay following his RAW match despite hitting his head during a dive when Miz apparently was in the wrong position to intercept him. John Cena commented on his post-RAW dark match last night while taking another shot at the Rock.

WWE announced John Laurinaitis will continue as RAW's interim General Manager. WWE released their post-RAW episode of Backstage Fallout on YouTube. WWE.com spoke to Chris Jericho at RAW about his feud with CM Punk.

Undertaker is advertised for a February 20 return in Minneapolis, MN. WWE is expected to officially announce the Wrestlemania 29 location in the next two weeks. WWE signed Chris Hero to a developmental deal after his medical tests cleared. John Cena, Miz, Undertaker and Kofi Kingston are nominated for Cartoon Network's Hall of Game Here to Rumble Award with fans able to vote.

The Rock appeared on the Tonight Show last night discussing Journey 2, the Super Bowl, Wrestlemania and more. CNN's Marquee Blog spoke to the Rock about what he looks for in a woman. The Belfast Telegraph interviewed the Rock about getting older and his love life.

The UK's Sky Sports interviewed Miz about last year's Wrestlemania, reality TV, new stars and more. Jim Ross' latest BBQ blog entry discusses last night's RAW, working with Jerry Lawler on new projects, the Super Bowl and more. JBL and Sean Waltman commented on Ron Simmons' likely Hall of Fame induction.

Super Crazy will take part in a NOAH tour of Japan later this month. Territory League announced Chavo Guerrero will debut for them at the Rodney Anoa'i Championship Series. ESPN's Page 2 has an article on Diamond Dallas Page's yoga program and how it has helped his fellow wrestlers.

Hollywood Reporter says Batista will be Vin Diesel's co-star in the upcoming Riddick film. Roddy Piper's new film Fancypants will screen on Thursday in Tampa, FL. The Blue Meanie will be ghost hunting at the Eastern State Penitentiary this summer with some TAPS members.

Busted Open interviewed Christopher Nowinski about time off for wrestlers and about conversations he had with Chris Benoit. Aftermath Radio interviewed Zack Gowen about his time in WWE, mistakes he made, drug rehab and more. Stacy Keibler hosted a Super Bowl weekend party in Las Vegas, NV. Mikey Whipwreck is fundraising for the March of Dimes by walking in March for Babies.

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