Smackdown, Ryder, Swagger, McMahon, Rock Feb 03 - 11:59 pm EST

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Quick Smackdown Results: Sheamus over Cody Rhodes, Primo/Epico over Santino Marella/Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Beth Phoenix/Natalya over Aksana/Tamina, and Randy Orton over Wade Barrett.

The RAW crew was in Topeka, KS tonight, and tomorrow they're in Wichita, KS. The Smackdown crew is in Spokane, WA tomorrow night. WWE edited out Brodus Clay vs. Heath Slater from Smackdown. WWE may be considering 3D for future PPVs following UFC's lead.

The UK's Daily Star interviewed Zack Ryder about his YouTube series, working for success, Wrestlemania and more. The Wichita Falls, TX Times Record interviewed Jack Swagger about joining WWE, his family's reaction to his career choice, traveling the world and more. NBC Miami interviewed Layla and Sgt. Slaughter with Layla discussing Wrestlemania in her hometown, the Diva Search, her injuries and more. John Cena and the Rock began trading insults again on Twitter. Jim Ross' latest BBQ blog entry discusses WWE in Oklahoma next week, Wrestlemania, the Super Bowl and more.

WWE posted the latest episode of Zack Ryder's show on their channel for the first episode. Ted DiBiase Jr.'s The Marine 2 will air on Spike TV this Thursday following Impact. GQ ranked the WWE Championship belt as #2 best sports trophy behind only the Stanley Cup.

WWE is actively defending their brand against attacks targeting Linda McMahon. Linda McMahon's campaign is proposing three debates with opponent former Congressman Christopher Shays while his campaign wants ten. WWE may have released four developmental wrestlers formerly with Florida Championship Wrestling.

The UK's Guardian interviewed the Rock about his film Journey 2, playing the ukulele, making 3D history and more. News Pakistan spoke to the Rock about Journey 2, moving from wrestling to actor, interest in Bollywood films and more. The Rock has several talk show appearances scheduled next week to promote Journey 2. Journey 2 is 76% ahead of the original film in its international release. Entertainment Tonight previewed the GI Joe: Retaliation Super Bowl ad featuring the Rock.

Last night's Impact scored a 1.2 rating. TNA was in Columbia, SC yesterday with Jeff Hardy/James Storm over Robert Roode/Kurt Angle. TNA was in Florence, SC today, and tomorrow they're in Concord, NC. There are TNA notes on Rob Van Dam, Sarita, new merchandise and more. Robert Roode made media appearances on local TV and radio to promote TNA's tour of North and South Carolina this weekend.

Wrestlers arrived in the Philippines today for tomorrow's World Wrestling Fan Xperience Championship Showcase. Dragon Gate USA may be forced to strip Johnny Gargano of the Open the Freedom Gate title due to his recent back injuries. Matt Hardy's court cases related to charges from last summer were continued until March 1.

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