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Quick Smackdown Results: Cody Rhodes over Justin Gabriel, Sheamus over Drew McIntyre, Primo/Epico over Yoshi Tatsu/Santino Marella, Hunico over Ted DiBiase Jr., Brodus Clay over Alex Riley, Aksana over Natalya, and Big Show over Mark Henry via CO.

Mark Henry may have suffered a hyperextended knee at Tuesday's Smackdown taping, leading to a change in the planned main event finish. Pat Patterson was backstage at Smackdown this week. WWE is in Evansville, IN tomorrow night.

WWE's latest Key Performance Indicators show TLC scoring slightly more than 180,000 buys. WWE will launch YouTube webisodes starting on February 1. Zack Ryder's latest YouTube episode was posted featuring the news that the show will be moving to WWE's new YouTube network.

MMA Fighting interviewed CM Punk about Chael Sonnen, Brock Lesnar, resigning with WWE and more. Marvel interviewed Daniel Bryan about his favorite comics, Jill Thompson, William Regal and more. IGN interviewed Dolph Ziggler about the importance of Royal Rumble, winning the title, returning legends and more. Between the Ropes interviewed Dolph Ziggler about showing off, match quality, preparing for matches and more. The Miami Herald interviewed Booker T about the Royal Rumble, his role as an announcer, Wrestlemania and more.

Miz gave Sky Sports News's Jim White a Skull Crushing Finale while promoting the Royal Rumble. TMZ noted that David Otunga returned to court yesterday as a lawyer to represent a man in a pro bono wrongful termination case appeal, which they won. Mick Foley appeared on last night's second 30 Rock episode as Mankind in an appearance he even missed himself.

Last night's Impact scored a 1.2 rating. TNA was in Manchester, England today with Hulk Hogan/Sting/James Storm over Robert Roode/Kurt Angle/Bully Ray. TNA will tape Impact tomorrow in London, England. TNA issued a press release on last night's house show in Nottingham, England with Hulk Hogan, Sting and Kurt Angle wrestling in the same match. TNA's Ring Ka King debuts on India's Colors Network tomorrow.

Hulk Hogan told Digital Spy that he turned down the starring role in The Wrestler as well as roles in Highlander, Robin Hood: Men in Tights, and a cop movie with Brad Pitt and Pamela Anderson, although not everyone believes him. Hulk Hogan says his painkilling battery in his back has unusual side effects on other parts of his body. SportsVibe interviewed Hulk Hogan about TNA's UK tour, Vince McMahon vs. Dixie Carter, the George Foreman grill and more.

WrestleReunion 6 started today in Los Angeles, CA. Dragon Gate USA held their Open the Golden Gate internet PPV tonight.

In Your Head interviewed Shane Douglas about Extreme Reunion, Dixie Carter, his critics and more. Hacksaw Jim Duggan cancelled an independent show appearance on Sunday leading to speculation he may appear at the Royal Rumble. SLAM spoke to Harry Smith about his current activities, Ring Ka King, his wrestling style and more.

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