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Last night's RAW scored a 3.2 rating (3.2 / 3.2). There are Superstars spoilers and off air notes from last night's RAW in Phoenix, AZ. Rock is being advertised for RAW on March 12 in Cleveland, OH. WWE.com posted an injury update on Zack Ryder, saying his broken back is now only a herniated disc.

There are NXT, Superstars and Smackdown spoilers from tonight's taping in Tucson, AZ. Ted DiBiase Jr. returned at tonight's Smackdown taping wearing a wrist brace.

Mick Foley's episode of ABC's Wife Swap was pushed back until next week due to the State of the Union. Chris Jericho will appear at his D1 Training Facility on Saturday in Tampa, FL. Jim Ross' latest BBQ blog entry discusses his car accident, the Royal Rumble, the Hall of Fame and more. PETA issued a press release on Daniel Bryan winning their Most Animal-Friendly Athlete award.

TNA was in Brussels, Belgium today with Bobby Roode over James Storm and Kurt Angle. ITV's London Tonight interviewed Hulk Hogan about TNA's UK tour and his future in the wrestling business. Ring Ka King posted a teaser video on YouTube featuring Scott Steiner interacting with fans.

NWA Championship Wrestling from Hollywood started a new ticket reservation system to deal with turn-away crowds at TV tapings. Urban Wrestling Federation's next PPV Ruthless Revenge will debut on March 25. Ring of Honor announced champion Davey Richards vs. TV champion Jay Lethal for their next TV taping in Baltimore, MD on February 4. Davey Richards issued a challenge to Harry Smith and Kevin Steen cut a promo on his street fight with Tommy Dreamer for this weekend's Pro Wrestling Superstars show in Los Angeles, CA.

MVP released a 35 minute video session with Shelton Benjamin discussing their time in New Japan, WWE, Ring of Honor and more. Justin Credible looks to be part of the Extreme Reunion event on April 28. There's a trailer for the upcoming short film They Came for Stiff featuring Sami Callihan vs. Fit Finlay at EVOLVE 9.

Eureka's Times-Standard interviewed Maria about Saturday's Shinerfest, her new projects, her time in WWE and more. Stacy Keibler denied reports that Angelina Jolie dislikes her saying she's been nothing but nice to her. Chyna was reportedly acting bizarrely last week at the Adult Video News Awards convention.

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