WWE, DiBiase, Orton, Rock, TNA, DGUSA, MVP Jan 22 - 11:05 pm EST

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WWE was in Fargo, ND last night with CM Punk over Miz. WWE is in Las Cruces, NM today, and tomorrow RAW is live from Phoenix, AZ. Ted DiBiase Jr. reportedly suffered a hand or arm injury at Friday's Winnipeg, MB house show, causing him to be pulled from the remaining weekend shows. Randy Orton returned from his back injury at today's house show in Las Cruces, NM.

WWE added a new WWWF Championship Wrestling show to their Classics on Demand. Entertainment Tonight interviewed the Rock about Journey 2: The Mysterious Island, shooting in Hawaii, growing up in the area and more. The Toronto Sun interviewed Kris Kristofferson with a brief discussion of his son Jody signing with WWE.

TNA was in Plymouth, MA yesterday with Jeff Hardy over Christopher Daniels. TNA was in Lowell, MA today with Jeff Hardy over Christopher Daniels. Dragon Gate USA pulled champion Johnny Gargano from Friday's WrestleReunion event due to his EVOLVE 10 injuries, but added Low Ki. The Miami Herald interviewed MVP about Jeff Katz's Wrestling Retribution Project, working with John Cena on music, returning to WWE and more. Former UWF TV Champion Savannah Jack Russell passed away last week at age 63.

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