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WWE was in Winnipeg, MB last night with CM Punk over Miz. WWE was in Fargo, ND tonight, and tomorrow they're in Las Cruces, NM. Palm Spring's Desert Sun has an article on WWE's Legends House filming in the area.

Chris Jericho appeared at the National Association of Music Merchants event today in Anaheim, CA. The Orange County Register has an article on last week's celebrity roast for Zakk Wylde with Chris Jericho, Steve Austin and Warrior participating. Jim Ross was involved in a car accident today hitting a truck that turned left in front of him, but was saved from serious injury by his seatbelt and airbag. Tyson Kidd is looking at several candidates to form a new tag team.

TNA was in Worcester, MA yesterday with Jeff Hardy over Christopher Daniels. TNA was in Plymouth, MA today, and tomorrow they're in Lowell, MA. Ken Anderson debuted a new look with black hair at the Worcester, MA house show. TNA's Ring Ka King will be available in the United States but only via Dish Network's Asian package, and in the UK on the Colors network.

Ring of Honor held their Homecoming show last night in Philadelphia, PA with Davey Richards over Jay Lethal. Ring of Honor was also invaded by several CHIKARA wrestlers at last night's show, likely building up to their April double-header show. Ring of Honor was in Norfolk, VA today. Long-time Ring of Honor employee and backstage official finished with the promotion last night after being let go following the Sinclair purchase.

Tommy Dreamer's latest Kingston Whig Standard discusses Edge in the Hall of Fame, their friendship and Edge's lack of singing ability. Shawn Michaels won the Best Conservation award at the 12th Annual Golden Moose Awards for his MacMillan Adventures TV show. The San Bernardino Sun has an article on Ted DiBiase Sr. discussing how he found religion, turning his life around, helping Tiger Woods and more. Warrior released a new injection of inspiration video on YouTube. The Philadelphia Enquirer has an article on NBC Sports Network's new Fight Night boxing series set at the former ECW Arena.

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