Smackdown, Bermuda, Jericho, Hogan, Keibler Jan 20 - 11:59 pm EST

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Quick Smackdown Results: Cody Rhodes over Justin Gabriel, Epico/Primo over the Usos, Wade Barrett over Sheamus, Ted DiBiase Jr. over Hunico, Santino Marella over Drew McIntyre, Daniel Bryan vs. Mark Henry was a no contest.

The RAW and Smackdown crews are in Winnipeg, MB today, and tomorrow they're in Fargo, ND. WWE Studios acquired the spec script for Bermuda, a found-footage type film based in the Bermuda Triangle. Former Connecticut Representative Christopher Shays is expected to officially announce his candidacy for US Senator from Connecticut, putting him in a race with Linda McMahon for the Republican nomination.

Chris Jericho is reportedly now a co-owner of D1 Sports Training's facility in Tampa, FL along with Tim Tebow, Derrick Brooks and Chipper Jones. Jerry Lawler will appear at the Wichita Thunder hockey game on February 17 for pictures and autographs. Zack Ryder posted his latest YouTube video covering his loss of the United States Championship. Jack Swagger posted a new Q&A video.

Last night's Impact scored a 1.2 rating (1.2 / 1.2). TNA was in Plymouth, MA today, and tomorrow they're in in Lowell, MA. Ring Ka King's debut next week is receiving Indian press coverage. James Storm announced the birth of his son Mason James this morning.

Hulk Hogan posted a video calling out Sting on the UK tour while appearing somewhat inebriated. Hulk Hogan attended last night's Micro Championship Wrestling event in El Paso, TX. IMetAWrestler interviewed Brutus Beefcake about Hulk Hogan in TNA, Linda Hogan's allegations about him, WWE's Hall of Fame and more.

Sami Callihan's EVOLVE 10 closing promo was reportedly designed to provoke the reaction it has. There are Ring of Honor notes on NWA Ring Warriors, upcoming shows, TV and more. There's a trailer for new documentary The Booker on Platinum Championship Wrestling in Georgia.

Highspots posted a video promoting Tommy Dreamer vs. Kevin Steen at next weekend's WrestleReunion event. Extreme Reunion announced the first six names for their April event in Philadelphia, PA. Axl Rotten also may appear at the Extreme Reunion event. Niagara This Week has a story on Lanny Poffo, Greg Valentine and Brutus Beefcake appearing at June's second annual Niagara Falls Comic-Con.

Busted Open interviewed Tully Blanchard about the WWE Hall of Fame, HHH handling induction, Barry Windham and more. Alex Marvez interviewed Charles Wright about his Godfather and Papa Shango characters, joining WWE, WrestleReunion and more. UFC's Chael Sonnen says CM Punk was never confirmed as appearing with him at UFC's Fox special next weekend.

FOX NY's Good Day New York interviewed Stacy Keibler this morning. The National Enquirer claims Angelina Jolie hates Stacy Keibler despite Brad Pitt and George Clooney being close friends. ESPN's SportsCenter referenced the nWo while discussing Miami's use of their black alternate uniforms in a game against the Los Angeles Lakers.

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