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Monday's RAW scored a 3.0 rating (3.0 / 3.0). There are Smackdown spoilers from last night's taping in Las Vegas, NV. The Memorial Day RAW will be held in New Orleans, LA. Several WWE wrestlers will appear for Florida Championship Wrestling in the coming weeks. WWE released an initial Wrestlemania AXXESS VIP schedule.

Big Show may have suffered a back injury at last night's Smackdown taping. Fargo, ND's InForum spoke to R-Truth about WWE's upcoming house show on Saturday. Ted DiBiase Jr. says he was suffering from food poisoning yesterday but managed to participate in the Smackdown taping. PETA2 named Daniel Bryan the Most Animal-Friendly Athlete of the year.

The Arizona Republic has a Q&A with CM Punk about travel, whether he's a role model, his future plans and more. H2O's Toby Morse tweeted a photo of himself with CM Punk and CJ Wilson. Chris Jericho announced Fozzy signed a worldwide record deal with Century Media with plans to discuss the deal tomorrow morning on Los Angeles, CA's KLOS. G4TV posted the video of Chris Jericho's appearance yesterday on Attack of the Show.

WWE.com has a Where Are They Now? Feature on Glacier. Howard Finkel celebrated his 35th anniversary as a ring announcer. Zack Ryder commented on working on episode 51 of his YouTube series despite this week's episode only being 49. The Washington Post noted Redskins defensive lineman Adam Carriker called John Cena cheezy while also posing for a photo with him.

WWE released a new WWE Network promo. The Hollywood Reporter reviewed Rock's film Journey 2 the Mysterious Island calling it "Jules Verne rejuvenated for the iPhone age." The Associated Press covered Rock's press tour to promote Journey 2 the Mysterious Island.

The UK's Sun interviewed Tara about the Knockouts division, her time in WWE, considering retirement and more. There are TNA notes on Sting, Ken Anderson, roster changes and more.

CHIKARA and Ring of Honor will now be running a double-header show in Chicago, IL on April 28, rather than against each other as originally scheduled. CHIKARA released event dates through May. Dragon Gate USA released video of Low Ki's debut in EVOLVE. Resistance Pro Wrestling posted a photo of Rhino confronting new champion Harry Smith following Friday's show in Chicago, IL.

The Riverfront Times profiled Harley Race covering his career highs, personal lows, and current work training wrestlers. John Morrison will serve as a judge at Upright Citizen Brigade's Tournament of Nerds on Saturday. Former Miss USA and Tough Enough contestant Rima Fakih was in court today to face her DUI charge which her lawyer hopes to settle with a plea deal. Huffington Post reported on Linda Hogan vacationing with other reality TV stars following the filming of VH-1's Couples Therapy. Actor Ryan Gosling says he was an Ultimate Warrior fan while growing up.

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