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Friday's Smackdown scored a 2.2 rating. There are Superstars, NXT episode 100 and Smackdown spoilers from tonight's taping in Las Vegas, NV. WWE changed Sunday's Smackdown house show in Las Cruces, NM to a dual-brand Supershow.

There are live notes from RAW last night in Anaheim, CA. Maria visited backstage at RAW. The Rock is being advertised for the pre-Wrestlemania RAW in Atlanta, GA.

Mick Foley commented on his surprise return to RAW. John Cena apologized for his attack on Jack Swagger on RAW. Perez Hilton commented on the negative reaction he received on RAW as well as attempt at a fall.

WWE announced Evan Bourne's 60-day suspension due to his second Wellness Policy violation. Evan Bourne apologized to fans following the announcement of the suspension. WWE reportedly hopes Christian can return in a couple weeks, possibly at the Royal Rumble. The Smoking Gun analyzed Donald Trump's charity the Donald J. Trump Foundation noting that much of its $2.5 million value is due to donations by WWE in recent years for his appearances.

Chris Jericho appeared on G4's Attack of the Show as the character Twistecutioner to promote his radio show Rock of Jericho. Aftermath Radio interviewed Mean Gene about his lengthy career in wrestling, WWE's Legends House, Rock vs. Cena and more. Busted Open interviewed JJ Dillon about Ole Anderson's exclusion from the WWE Hall of Fame, Barry Windham's health, Ric Flair's status with TNA and more. Jim Ross' latest BBQ blog entry discusses RAW, Evan Bourne's suspension, Legends House and more. Liam Neeson denied rumors he'd play Vince McMahon in a movie about Chris Benoit.

TNA's Ring Ka King will debut on January 28 and 29 on India's Colors Network. TNA added Hulk Hogan to their Nottingham, UK show on January 26. Lacrosse All Stars interviewed Taz about his connection to lacrosse, his son, his training school and more.

Ring of Honor will debut in Norfolk, VA on Saturday. Ring of Honor announced Rhett Titus may return to the ring in February following his MCL surgery. Dragon Gate USA's Johnny Gragano discussed his injury over the weekend and his painful trip home. Dragon Gate USA may be bringing in Fit Finlay in the near future.

Tommy Dreamer posted what might be the final episode of his YouTube series. Shad Gaspard was scheduled to appear on BET's The Game tonight, but when he watched it he discovered his scene was cut. Shannon "Daffney" Spruill is still working on her workers' compensation claim against TNA. Dennis "Mr. Belding" Haskins' latest YouTube episode discusses working with various WWE personalities and fan requests for him to be RAW's General Manager.

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