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Last night's RAW scored a 2.9 rating (3.0 / 2.8). There are off air notes from RAW last night in Corpus Christi, TX. Smackdown and NXT were taped in Laredo, TX tonight. WWE released an updated PPV calendar in the UK now without October's Vengeance PPV.

Aftermath Radio interviewed Edge about retirement, the WWE Hall of Fame, who he wants to induct him and more. Jim Ross commented on Ole Anderson's exclusion and Ric Flair's inclusion in WWE's Four Horsemen Hall of Fame induction. William Regal threw his name in the ring for RAW's General Manager if they're looking for someone to fill the role.

John Cena was reportedly worth over $100 million in retail value in 2010. Post Foods issued a press release on John Cena's promotional pairing with Fruity Pebbles. Randy Orton's back is well enough for a family vacation in the Bahamas.

There are Impact spoilers from last night's taping in Orlando, FL. TNA will tape TV at their Nottingham, England and Manchester, England shows later this month. TNA announced Impact Wrestling will begin airing on New Zealand's Sky Television starting on January 21.

Busted Open interviewed Kurt Angle and Velvet Sky about TNA in 2011, Jeff Hardy, main eventers and more. Hulk Hogan called Warrior irrelevant as he continued to take Kevin Nash's side in their feud. A trailer for the upcoming film Overtime featuring Al Snow has been released.

Baltimore, MD's FOX 45 Morning News interviewed Jim Cornette about to discuss their TV taping there. TMZ spoke to Steve Austin about Tim Tebow's use of 3:16. Bret Hart noted that although he and WWE will both be in British Columbia he won't be appearing on Smackdown.

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