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Quick RAW Results: Sheamus/Santino Marella over Wade Barrett/Jinder Mahal, Daniel Bryan over Kofi Kingston, Brodus Clay over Curt Hawkins, CM Punk over Jack Swagger, and John Cena vs. Dolph Ziggler was a no contest.

Friday's Smackdown scored a 1.8 rating. The RAW crew was in San Angelo, TX yesterday with CM Punk over Miz. The Smackdown crew was in Baton Rouge, LA yesterday yesterday with Daniel Bryan over Big Show. Smackdown will be taped in Laredo, TX tomorrow night.

WWE Network launch plans may have been delayed until fall due to WWE not having the infrastructure in place in time for their original April 1 launch. WWE may have a rough setup for RAW next week due to the Professional Bull Riders show in Anaheim, CA's Honda Center this weekend. Brodus Clay's dancers are developmental Divas Naomi Knight and Cameron Lynn. Several former developmental WWE talents have been removed from FCW's roster now that they're part of WWE's main roster.

John Cena will appear on three million boxes of Fruity Pebbles as part of WWE's Wrestlemania 28 promotion. John Cena may have been referencing Chris Benoit in a pre-RAW tweet from Corpus Christi, TX, the city where most wrestlers learned about the Benoit tragedy. Kaitlyn's latest blog entry discusses New Year's Resolutions and new gym members.

TNA is taping Impact tonight and tomorrow in Orlando, FL. TNA cancelled TV tapings scheduled for January 16 and 17 in Orlando, FL. TNA will tape two Impact episodes during their January 28 event in London, England.

TNA announced the cancellation of their German house shows later this month apparently due to low advance ticket sales. TNA released their Against All Odds PPV preview video Fox News profiled Kurt Angle and his hopes of making it into the 2012 Olympics.

Ring of Honor announced a half dozen new markets for their TV show, with some starting as soon as this week. Ring of Honor announced Chris Hero vs. Michael Elgin for their Homecoming 2012 show in Philadelphia, PA on January 20. Dragon Gate USA announced the Young Bucks for their WrestleReunion weekend show on January 27 in Los Angeles, CA. New Jack is scheduled for Saturday's EVOLVE 10, the final wrestling show scheduled for the former ECW Arena in Philadelphia, PA. CHIKARA is offering free admission to their January 28 show in Easton, PA for any attendee bring three paid attendees with them.

Tommy Dreamer's latest YouTube episode features the Young Bucks. Rasche Brown announced his retirement from wrestling related to post-concussion syndrome. TMZ posted photos of Torrie Wilson and Alex Rodriguez over the weekend in Miami.

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