RAW, Jericho, Orton, HBK, TNA, ROH, EVOLVE Jan 02 - 11:14 pm EST

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Quick RAW Results: Daniel Bryan over Cody Rhodes, Wade Barrett over Santino Marella, Dolph Ziggler over CM Punk via CO, Bella Twins over Eve/Kelly Kelly, and John Cena/Zack Ryder/Big Show over Jack Swagger/Mark Henry.

There are Superstars spoilers from tonight's RAW in Memphis, TN. Smackdown will be taped in Little Rock, AR tomorrow night. WWE will be touring Central America in February. WWE released a partial card for their return to Madison Square Garden on March 19 with a Wednesday presale password of WRESTLEMANIA. Chris Jericho had fun on Twitter over speculation he'd be at RAW.

WWE added more content to WWE On Demand for the systems still carrying it. Randy Orton appears on WWE's live events schedule again on January 16. Randy Orton was reportedly WWE's pick to win the Royal Rumble. Jim Ross' latest BBQ blog entry discusses top prospects, Brock Lesnar in WWE, announcers and more. Shawn Michaels posted a Q&A video on YouTube discussing his status with WWE and his future plans.

TNA will be returning to India later this month to tape more more episodes of their Ring Ka King show and begin local promotion. TNA posted a new Spin Cycle with Jeff Hardy, Rob Terry, D'Angelo Dinero and So Cal Val.

Ring of Honor will hold their next TV taping on Saturday in Baltimore, MD. Ring of Honor's Nick Jackson attempted to defend Ring of Honor's recent use of unprotected chairshots comparing them to back bumps. The upcoming EVOLVE event scheduled to be final wrestling show in the former ECW Arena will be broadcast via internet PPV. EVOLVE will debut in Toronto, Canada on April 13.

Jackie Fargo is hospitalized with pneumonia, and not dead as rumored. Matt Hardy posted a Happy New Year video.

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